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About Mercury

About Us

Why to choose FxWorld?

FxWorld offers different account types, trading programs and apparatuses to encourage people and institutional clients to exchange Forex and its Derivatives on the web.

FxWorld is a Forex based ECN (Electronic Communications Network) FX and spread-betting broker created by traders to improve your trading experience. The platforms are designed for individual and professional clients so that each one benefited with the same price and liquidity.

Benefits of Autobot Trading Technology

Fully Automated Trading with Zero Monitor, Zero Knowledge. Autobot Trading Technology will Daily Profit. Result in 24 Hrs, No Knowledge Required, One Time Approval, Risk Free, Models: Support for Lifetime.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Instant Exchange

Instant Support

World Coverage

World Coverage

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Strong Network

Strong Network

Margin Trading

Margin Trading

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Meet Our Team

Andy Sant

Founder & CEO

Dan Kaul

Co-founder & CTO

Saru Matt

Marketing Officer

Cyrus Nato

Lead Product Manager